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Engine Management
Part Type Qty Available
Oxygen Sensor 17,404
Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve 8,130
Manifold Pressure (MAP) Sensor 3,607
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor 2,692
Oil Pressure Switch 2,597
Knock Denotation Sensor 2,448
EGR Valve 944
EGR Valve Pressure Sensor 402
Airfuel Oxygen Sensor 292
Speed Sensor 259
EGR Delete Kit 246
Oil Pump 79
Wideband Oxygen Sensor 76
Piston Rings 68
Main Bearing 43
Rod Bearing 42
Thrust Washer 42
Alternator 6
Part Type Qty Available
Ignition Coil 41,559
Spark Plug 41,198
Spark Plug Wire Set 21,132
Ignition Coil Connector 4,255
Crankshaft Position Sensor 4,088
Camshaft Position Sensor 2,934
Ignition Control Module (ICM) 2,208
Ignition Coil Harness 685
Part Type Qty Available
Fuel Level Sensor 88,324
Fuel Pump Module Assembly 39,022
Electric Fuel Pump 38,250
Fuel Pressure Regulator 17,286
Fuel Injector 5,176
Fuel Pump Sender Assembly 198
Fuel Pump Hanger Assembly 46
Throttle Body 15
Fuel Componets
Part Type Qty Available
Fuel Module Electrical Connector 138,723
Fuel Pump Electrical Connector 58,297
Fuel Hose 55,806
Fuel Module Tank Seal 47,305
Fuel Pressure Sensor 40,187
Fuel Pump Isolators 28,921
Fuel Pump Hose Clamp 16,696
Fuel Pump Kit 10,489
Fuel Pump Fitting 3,404
Fuel Module Quick Connectors 2,350
Part Type Qty Available
Body Accessories 1,082
Part Type Qty Available
Fuel Pump Strainer 263,619
Oil Filter 154,459
Fuel Filter 54,900
Air Filter 10,358
Fuel Module Filter 2,061
In Tank Fuel Filter 703
Oil Filter Gasket 43
Temperature Control
Part Type Qty Available
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 10,076
Air Charge Temperature Sensor 625
Thermostat 184
Oil Temperature Sensor 41
Radiator Cap 7
Brake and Clutch
Part Type Qty Available
ABS Speed Sensor 530
Concentric Slave Cylinder 62
Master Cylinder 47
Brake Pad 26
Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly 21
Timing Kits and Components
Part Type Qty Available
Timing Belt Kit 643
Serpentine Belt 17
Part Type Qty Available
Miscellaneous 50,460
Bumper Retainer Clip 130
Tire Pressure Monitor 96
Wiring Harness 52
Suspension Position Sensor 7
Control Arm Bushing 7
Intake Manifold Gasket 1
Part Type Qty Available
Hose Clamp 3,099
Part Type Qty Available
Not Assigned 59,949